Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Term 4 Update 1

Welcome everyone and please BookMark these links so you do not get lost.
I am sure that most of you will have a digital space where you store important information.
If not then now is a good time to begin.

I am Sonya and I am here to support you during this developmental stage of our community as we learn how to best communicate with you all.
There are several places for communication, but rather than sending an email, please use the Google+ page with your queries and someone somewhere within the community might just have an answer for you.
In addition if you have not yet added an introduction, please do so as this helps us all to develop stronger connections.
You can do that here in About us.

Auckland Central Community of Schools is a closed Google+ community for participants in this initiative.
If you are not on Jill’s master list, I will not add you.
The Google+ community is moderated by our 9 across school teachers.
They are your first place to try and problem solve.

Jill Farquharson and her personal assistant Kristy look after our calendar.
We have found that this is the best way for ensuring that everyone gets the same and most up todate message.
If you need anything added then please email Kristy.
This folder is driven through Google as all information must be accessible by all.
Please do not try and access it from your personal Google because then everyone gets the message to add you again.
Remember to create your minutes directly there so that they can be read by everyone.
This folder is for you to add any photos you take that others might be able to use.
The blog is to support the ACCoS School teachers with communication but also so that it is transparent to you all so do try and read it to keep up to date.
The site is our public profile so that we can be found and can be seen as tracking what we do to support up and coming new Communities.
Currently editing is only by our Across School Teachers.
These links have been taken from the community postings so that they do not get lost.

Now just a few important pieces of information as you develop collaboration between yourselves.
Please be aware that Epsom Girls have two email systems.
So if an email does not get answered- check that there is no APPS in the email.
Also if you add EGGs teachers to Docs please use their APPS address rather than their normal email.

Parnell District School are not YET on Google but hopefully they will be soon so keep that in mind when you send them google Docs.

Please if you have any issues as in you have really tried to problem solve then flick me an email and I will try and answer within 24 hours.
Bearing in mind I am also a teacher at Newmarket School and have other responsibilities.

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