Wednesday, 2 November 2016

ACCoS Cafe

Inspired by Educafe style interactive discussions, last Wednesday afternoon the across school teachers hosted an ACCoS Cafe for the in school teachers in our Auckland Central Community of Schools. The session had two purposes, firstly to build our community connections and secondly to discuss learner agency, a common thread within our various inquiries. Our community is large so it felt important to provide the in school teachers with an opportunity to meet each other face-to-face and share their findings so far. Our question for the afternoon was, "How does my inquiry within the ACCoS connect to learner agency?" Groups discussed what learner agency looks like in our setting. After a couple of rounds of sharing we explored the question, "How do we build agency across our community?" Alongside the cafe discussion groups, community members were encouraged to share their thinking beyond these questions by providing comments, constructive feedback and posing further questions. It was a positive afternoon and worth repeating with a different focus in the future.

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