Sunday, 5 March 2017

First meeting for 2017!

On March 1st the across school leaders hosted the first 2017 meeting of in school leaders for the ACCoS. After a year of 'forming' the community, it was exciting to see familiar faces and meet new additions to the team. Opening definitions of student agency and literacy represented the overarching goals of the community for 2017. 

Three key focus points were covered over the course of the meeting. Starting with a question about how we use the student achievement data from our various schools to deepen the inquiry process. Cross sector groups analysed and discussed the trends apparent in the student 2014-16 achievement data collated under each ACCoS Achievement Challenge. Next there was an opportunity to sign up to cross sector focus groups that will continue to meet over 2017, building community networks and sharing of practice. Lastly, there was valuable discussion about how student agency can be measured, which was run Educafe style, bringing some interesting philosophical and practical questions to light and further adding to an awareness of what student agency means in practice. It was an energetic afternoon, testimony to a growing understanding of the shared aims across the community.

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