Monday, 11 June 2018

Maths Initiative Meeting

Last Thursday, the Maths Initiative Team were lucky to have the meeting at Newmarket Primary’s amazing new vertical building. 
We discussed the results of the maths attitude survey and discussed interesting trends, such as Newmarket Primary have a dip in Year 4 students attitude towards maths compared to the national norm which is year 5.

Sonya Van Schaijik (lead ASL) shared an amazing resource she created, inspired by Mary Chamberlain. All three schools will be putting in their ideas so we can collaboratively create an action plan for mathematics. Included will be the key drivers/desired outcomes.

From the discussions, the ASLs and ISL’s are very excited to get a group of students from each school together to trial a mixed ability CoL maths group (watch this space!) This is something we are very excited about so students within our initiative will have an opportunity to network and extend themselves. We are hoping this will also allow our students to have a smoother transition between primary and intermediate.

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