Wednesday, 6 March 2019

ACCOS: Kicking off the year by connecting our community.

Kicking things off
On Wednesday 27th February, ACCOS kicked off the year with an initial meeting of all Across School Leaders, In School Leaders, and Senior Leadership Teams. We have a number of new staff to these roles for 2019, so this was an opportunity to put some faces to the names and connect with others from across our Kahui Ako.

The event was kindly hosted by Newmarket Primary School, and for many this was the first time they had been inside the recently completed multi-story building. The session was organised and run by the Across School Leaders team.

Attendance from across the CoL

Jill Farquharson
Madeline Gunn
Across School Leaders

Jill Farquharson, our lead principal, provided an introduction and a brief history of ACCOS, from its beginnings in 2015 to its current initiatives-based approach today (see below for the initiative allocations). Each ASL (Across School Leader) introduced themselves and the Principals. Following this Madeline Gunn, our CoLs expert partner, spoke about the concept of leadership from the middle, the basis on which ACCOS is founded.


Recently Core Education published their 10 trends in education, and one trend that has been rapidly gaining recognition is the concept of wellbeing in education. An Edu-Cafe setup saw the participants discussing what the concept of wellbeing was as it relates to schools, and whether or not it can (and should) be measured. Discussion time was given to this.

Edu-cafe discussion

The event concluded with a Kahoot quiz, testing participants knowledge of the schools in our Kahui Ako.

Below is a schematic of the 2019 ACCOS initiatives:

Link to our slides

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