Tuesday, 16 April 2019

Pursuing a mathematical mindset ... 3 schools on a journey.

"One of the most damaging mathematics myths propagated in classrooms and homes is that math is a gift, that some people are naturally good at math and some are not."
                                                                                                       Jo Boaler

It's the' holidays'- and the ISL's from Cornwall Park, Victoria Avenue and Maungawhau schools are meeting together. What we are trying to create are shared documents that can be used at each school to stimulate rich discussion about new pedagogical approaches to teaching mathematics.  Using the research of Jo Boaler, Carol Dweck (and others) we are all involved in exploring how the ideas below can change the way we approach learning & teaching of mathematics.

  • Everyone can learn maths to a high levels
  • Working in mixed ability groups has value for everyone
  • Mistakes are valuable and help your brain to grow.
  • Questions and discussion deepen your mathematical understanding
  • Maths is about learning not performing. 

As we start term 2 together we will be navigating the challenges that these ideas can generate.  Although we bring diverse views to our discussions, working together we have found common ground, in particular looking at how shifting mathematical mindsets can bring about change in teacher practice and increase student achievement. We are excited to bring this discussion back to our schools.

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