Thursday, 5 December 2019

End of Year Review 2019

On Monday all the Across School Leaders shared with the ACCoS principals their year's review. This year we agreed to create a Plan on a Page Doc with hyperlinks to the years work. As a group we agreed on criteria and a set size. However how this was created was left to the ASL to decide. All that was asked that the final product would be added to a Google Slide.
Below you can check out each individual plan.

ASL Initiative Leads
Topic & link to slide
Andy Lawrence
Felecia Tomich
Delanee Dale  
Alaric Nicholls
Catherine Palmer 
Sonya Van Schaijik
Virginia Kung
Erin Hooper
Janice Adamson
Lisa Murphy
Sue Spence
Tric Milner
Suzanne Parkinson
Janine Irvine & 
Steve King
When we finished our session, the principals welcomed our two new ASL who are joining the team in 2020. They are Abby Cavanagh and Ajita Goh.
We also farewelled Erin Hooper who is moving further North.

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