Thursday, 19 April 2018

Board Information Evening.

On the 10th of April our ACCoS Kāhui Ako Lead principal, Across School Leaders and our learning mentor shared our journey so far with our boards of trustees. The evening was held at Auckland Normal Intermediate School which is our lead school and was attended by board of trustees, principals, deputy principals and our Across School Leaders.


Across School Leaders shared a summary of this years journey.

Teacher Agency -Catherine and Alaric
  • Co-construction of a shared understanding of the concept of teacher agency between the ISLs and SMT of the schools in this initiative, building effective working relationships in the process.
  • Co-construction of the teacher agency progression matrix with the ISLs, who then distributed and facilitated the collection of data from the teachers within the 4 schools in the initiative.
  • Analysis of data will occur in week 2 of term 2. Findings therein will guide our work for term 2 and onwards.

Learner Agency -Leigh and Mark
  • We have aligned our understanding of what learner agency is, and co-constructed a shared definition that schools could use in their individual approaches.
  • Collection of baseline data. We created a learner agency questionnaire to be carried out with a sample of students, as well as a teacher survey to use as a self assessment tool. ISLs undertook to complete this by the end of Term 1.
  • An action plan will be developed after analysis of the data that has been gathered.

Writing -Erin and Clara
  • Co-construction of 3 major focus areas for PLG’s across all 3 schools in initiative. 
    1. Pedagogical approaches to writing - informed by recent research & evidence.
    2. Extending teacher content knowledge 
    3. Where does the student fit in all of this? Evaluating what we do. 
  • 2 Meetings providing professional development for ISL’s.
    • Leading Collaborative Learning- focusing on teacher inquiry cycle and developing rich, challenging questions
    • Understanding the Literacy Learning Progressions- with Jenny Thomson
  • Networking meeting organised for early Term 2 involving all teachers in this initiative. Intention is to set up across -school cycles of observation and critical feedback between the teachers. 
Where to next: From Action Plan
  • Creation of a survey for students to gather information on their attitudes towards how we teach Writing. What ‘works’ for them? What does not ?
  • Using John Hattie’s ‘Top 10 influences on student achievement’ - looking at effect sizes in relation to pedagogical approaches being trialled through PLG/’s.

Oral Language -Mark and Erin
  1. Have completed baseline data collection at both schools with a random sample of approximately 50 Year 1 and 2 students. 
  2. Have established hunch and structural timeline of inquiry for 2018. Some key resources have been identified, including people from beyond our CoL who we hope to involve in future PD.
  3. Planned collaboration and professional development between CPDS and RPS
Where to next:
  1. Action plan being co-constructed
  2. Opportunities for networking and collaboration within CoL , and beyond Col - including ECE. 

Wild Card (Working with the Learner) -Lisa and Sue
  • EGGS staff have now all joined a cross curricular PLG for 2018 which relates to one or more of the 3 strategic aims for 2018: Curriculum design, Pedagogy for Innovative Learning and Building Relationships and Restorative Practices. Student agency is at the heart of all three strategic aims. 
  • The PLGs are furthering the cross curricular and collaborative connections between teachers.
  • There are 14 ISLs and they have each identified how 'Working with the learner' and 'Learner Agency' will be developed within the PLG that they lead.
  • Staff are developing their own Action Plans to identify research and strategies needed to enable the above. Staff are at the stage of researching, developing goals and gathering student data, under the supervision of the ISL.
  • Cross curricular projects in the junior school are being developed between staff from different learning areas at EGGS this year.
  • The two ASLs in the school are coaching the ISLs and periodically meet them all together to share findings so they can learn from each other, and report back to the curriculum group.

Mathematics/Pāngarau Initiative -Sonya and Sue
The principals involved in the Mathematics/Pāngarau Initiative initiative agreed that maths was a strength in all three schools and wondered if teachers were catering to the strengths of our learners.
Historic learning data has been gathered over the past three years and this year student attitude data will be used as a comparison indicator to gauge how successful the initiative is in strengthening teacher pedagogy and content knowledge when teaching maths in our schools.
One key carry over from our ACCoS achievement goals is the involvement of our parent community and schools are still working through how this will be part of each school’s action plan.

Where to next: we wonder how teachers will share their learning in school, across schools and across Kahui Ako and this will be discussed when all teachers involved in Maths across the three schools come together to share inquiry goals and to begin across schools collaborations.

Sarah -Transitioning Early Childhood & New Entrants
Achievement 1 - we have tapped into a need to create of local forum to rebuild relationships with 30-40 people attending our meetings.

Achievement 2 - we set 13 goals for 2018 and have achieved four of them so far this year.

Achievement 3 - we had a successful meeting in February on supporting children with special needs. Guest speaker, Felecia Tomich, shared resources and information on how we can support these children at a ECE/NE level.

Here are the slides from our evening

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