Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Mathematics/Pāngarau Initiative sharing at the BoT

The Across School Leader leading the initiative is Sonya Van Schaijk from Newmarket School. 
She is supported by Sue Spencer from Epsom Girls School. 
The champion for this initiative is Virginia Kung from Newmarket School.

The three schools involved in this initiative include Auckland Normal Intermediate, Parnell District School and Newmarket Primary School. Included in this initiative are the following educators from the three schools. Belinda Hitchman, Ainsley Whitfield, Bryce Mills, Andrew Lawrence, Emily Hempstapat, Emma Williams and Masina Gagamoe.
This initiative caters for approximately 1,450 children and the professional learning involves 77 teachers across the three schools.
The principals involved in this initiative agreed that maths was a strength in all three schools and wondered if teachers were catering to the strengths of our learners. 

So far historic learning data has been gathered over the past three years and this year we will include student attitude data as a comparison indicator to gauge how successful the initiative is in strengthening teacher pedagogy and content knowledge when teaching maths in our schools.

Each school has a slightly different way of framing teacher learning but ultimately we are all focussed on teacher learning. 

One key carry over from our ACCoS achievement goals is the involvement of our parent community and schools are still working through how this will be part of each school’s action plan.

Recent connections have been established between all the in school leaders through regular meetings and our planned next step is to bring all teachers involved in Maths across the three schools together to share inquiry goals and to begin across schools collaborations. 

Where to next: we wonder how teachers will share their learning in school, across schools and across Kahui Ako and this is still to be discussed.

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