Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Building Collegial Learning among Kahui Ako Leaders

Yesterday we attended a meeting organised by the MoE to get together members of different Kāhui Ako from around the country. The day was facilitated by Mary Chamberlain and Brian Annan, and they ran a day filled with rich discussion and ideas to challenge us. We were deliberately seated, and asked to move tables regularly, in order to provide us with opportunities to listen to a range of perspectives.  This proved to be one of the highlights of the day for me. At my first 2 sessions I met people who were just beginning on their journeys, those who had well established connections across their community, and others feeling that they were just now getting into purposeful work.  Both Brian and Mary asked questions that got to the heart of the issues around we are trying to do...and why it is sometimes hard to see our way ahead. I especially loved Brian's visual image of the 'melee' as a way to describe the interconnected nature of how we work.  Mary brought us into the 21st Century by posing the question ' How might we demonstrate tangible progress across a rich curriculum'? We were asked to think about the 'Why' of our work. How does having a collaborative, collegial organisation make us stronger than we would we working alone ?
Unfortunately I had to head back to school for parent interviews so missed the second half of the day. If it was anything like the first half, I know I missed a number of hours of insightful and thought provoking interaction with other passionate educators. Kia Kaha, kia manawanui to those who put this day together.

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