Thursday, 24 May 2018

Learner Agency

Our Working Definition
Learners have agency when they have influence and a sense of ownership over their learning, having the ability and opportunity to be part of the learning design process.

The Learner Agency Initiative is made up of 5 schools: Meadowbank, Remuera Primary, Maungawhau, Parnell and Epsom Girls Grammar. The In School and Across School leaders have been collecting student voice on agency and today met at Remuera Primary School to analyse the  data they have collected. Students were asked a range of questions relating to 3 areas: The Learning Environment, Teaching and Learning and Assessment. Their answers were then leveled according to the degree of agency they showed. There was a productive discussion about what actions we can take in order to increase learner agency in our schools. In School leaders will be taking that analysis back to their schools and working with their teachers to effect change.

Collecting Student Voice at Meadowbank School

Discussing the data

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