Saturday, 6 July 2019

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Connectivity enables transparency for better government, education, and health.
(Gates, 2013)

The importance of transparent communication is vital for any community to be successful. We acknowledge that curiosity is key to the development of collaborative practices that strengthen learning for all, while at the same time maintaining strong equity and quality results.

One of our biggest challenges in our ACCoS Kāhui Ako was working out how our schools communicated with each other. Systems needed to be established and a framework for storing and sharing information online was important. The importance of structure and archiving past information to help with ease of access and for transparency has always been one of our strengths. As well as connecting, collaborating, co-creating and sharing of ideas. As we have evolved and grown so have our structures and systems. Initially we began with google + communities, a site and a blog. However our blog has surpassed all of these online areas for sharing what we do. All of our Across School Leaders contribute to our blog and this helps all our schools keep up to date with what we do as a community.

Our Blog went live on Friday 5th of August 2016 .

So it has been in operation for nearly 3 years.
In that time we have had 12,476 all time views.
This past year I have noticed that we are tracking at nearly 1000 hits per month so there has been greater activity, particularly this year.

Below is a list of the number of blog entries so far.
         2019 (20)
         2018 (31)
         2017 (16)
         2016 (9)

About us is our biggest hit static page at 403 views.
Regarding our blog posts, the following have been our most successful entries.
Blog Entry
Date published
Number of hits.
Nov 14, 2017
Oct 14, 2017
Mar 28, 2019

Currently we average 1000 hits each month.
Most visitors continue to come from New Zealand. Recently I have noticed numbers coming from Eastern Europe and have been monitoring our space carefully.

New Zealand
United States
South Korea

If we track back on blog posts we can see how far we have come as a Kāhui Ako. The entries are like a narrative of our journey. As a team we are becoming better at tagging our blog entries and at sharing updates via Facebook or Twitter.

Where to next, I believe our blog represents who we are and what we do, that it is important to continue to share our URL in all our communications and to remember to link it into any presentations we give.

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