Thursday, 15 August 2019

Pursuing a mathematical mindset ... MATHS WEEK 2019 -Collaborating across schools

On Tuesday this week a group of senior students from Cornwall Park school went to Maungawhau school to get involved in an outdoor maths trail as part of Maths Week. The students were mixed together into groups of 4 and had fun  together solving problems outside of the classroom. 

 I didn’t know that nature contained Maths as well - e.g that there could be so much Maths in a single blade of grass."
 " I enjoyed doing Maths outside the classroom and I really enjoyed discovering Maths in nature and man-made stuff."
On the Wednesday, as part of the same Maths Week collaboration, 30 students from Maungawhau came to Cornwall Park school to take part in a problem solving challenge. 

For over an hour  the 60 students worked together in mixed groups, bringing their problem solving skills to bear on a range of different types of mathematical challenges.  

Although we ran this event as a 'competition' we were more interested in the students connecting and communicating - which they did brilliantly!  The feedback from the students, teachers and accompanying parents was really positive. 
The students showed  genuine enjoyment in the process of persevering together through some tricky questions. A big thanks to all those involved.  

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