Friday, 17 August 2018


On Thursday 15th August, Newmarket Primary School, Parnell District School, and Auckland Normal Intermediate gathered with a handful of students to celebrate Maths week. The in-school leaders planned a range of activities, taking inspiration from The Block, where students earned tangram pieces for each activity successfully completed. 

Being randomly placed into groups, with a spread of each school, they had a chance to get to know one another and share interesting math facts about themselves. After a few minutes, the race began! Ranging in difficulty, length, and fun, the collection of challenges spurred enthusiasm and enjoyment in the students. 

Manning a station each, the ISL and teachers saw our students collaborate in order to build their knowledge. The feedback from students was positive and is all the proof we need to continue this annual Maths week challenge.

"I enjoyed myself because it was maths but it was fun." - Lexi Matson, ANI
"One thing I liked was the race element; completing different challenges in different places. It made maths more fun." - Sienna Pickmere, ANI

Andrew Lawrence, ANI ISL

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