Tuesday, 28 August 2018

Resilience staff workshop @ Remuera Intermediate

Remuera Intermediate staff have been on a journey with the Resilience Institute in 2018. It all began with a teacher only day before the start of the academic year, with several subsequent PD sessions run by Declan Scott focusing on building a shared language around wellbeing and resilience, monitoring levels of staff resilience through their diagnostic tool, and setting and monitoring personal resilience goals throughout terms 1-3.

Yesterdays whole staff session, building on the prior work by Declan and his team, was run by Rosey Dodson and John Houston (In School Leaders @ RI). The focus was on building an awareness of our pre-disposition to generate negative thoughts when faced with adversity. The session included sharing a few helpful tips to enable shift from our innate negative thoughts to positive ones; to re-train our brains to see the positives rather than always focusing on the negatives. This was just one of several sessions to build levels of resilience in staff and students at RI.

Resilience Institute can be found at https://resiliencei.com/

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