Monday, 6 August 2018

Across School Maths PLG

On Monday 30th July, the teachers from Auckland Normal Intermediate, Newmarket Primary School, and Parnell District School gathered to share the brilliant work we've been doing in our schools. Randomly placed into small groups, the afternoon kicked off with some problem solving, where we demonstrated our mathematical prowess. Teachers were given problem-solving questions and worked together to solve them, just like how the mixed ability grouping would work.

Following this, teachers were able to roam and hear about the various ongoings of each school. It was a time to connect, question, query and discuss our practice, inspiring one another to trial new ideas, develop current pedagogy and disrupt our current methods in order to progress. As the afternoon drew to a close, the floor was opened for final reflections or questions. It was a wonderful time spent collaborating as a community.

Andrew Lawerence, ANI In-school Leader 

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